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Work Study

Work study is simply part of the financial aid you will be receiving when you fill out the FAFSA. It is a guaranteed job with at least minimun wage pay. Many students have a hard time finding jobs so this is where the federal government steps in to provide one for you. It's not hard to understand.

I can't exactly tell you what kind of job you will get but it can be off campus in the community or on campus. Many times you can get a job that benefits the community. What matters is that you get paid and don't have to worry and stress out about looking for a job. If you prefer, you can find a job in the area that pays higher

You might get lucky and end up with a high paying job but it really depends on the flexibility of the institution you attend. You just need to remember that at least work study provides you a job to help pay for you college costs. Click here for the official work study page.

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