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Tuition Reimbursement From Your Employer

Have you ever pondered the idea of someone paying for your college ? The truth is that there is such a thing called employer tuition reimbursement. Companies are in constant competition with each other and the one essential asset of any company is to have well educated employees. You could be that highly educated employee if only you could pay for college.

The very first thing you need to do is meet with your manager or employer and ask about any tuition reimbursement programs the company may have. It's always better to ask than to keep quit and let the opportunity pass you by. It will get you the education you want and an easier way to climb the corporate ladder .

After confirming that you can receive tuition reimbursement you need to ask your emplyer a few questions. It's always important to get the details before thinking you have everything figured out. Here are some question you might want to ask.

    Things to ask about a possible contract
  • How long do I have to stay with the company to qualify?
  • What grades do I have to have in order to qualify for my tuitoin reimbursement?
  • Will I receive my employer reimbursement initially or after I complete my degree?

What to Do If No Reimbursement is Offered

So what do you do if you come to find out that there is no such program to reimburse you for college expense. First, I would do some research on how you can bring additional value or new expertise that will further the company. Your employer is always looking for ways to improve and you could be the answer.

Then you need to type a report on how you will dramatically bring new value . Then just hand it to your employer. You can use statistics on how a competitors tution reimbursement program have dramatically increased sales or profit. Now don't forget that you need to bring across this information as a proposition and not a demand . Simply propose the idea and be very respectful and you might end up with free college.

Once you successfully get your tuition reimbursement remember to be grateful and be a good worker that is an asset and not a liablity. And maybe slip in some special way of saying thank you to your boss or employer. Check out the additional tuition reimbursement you can get when filing your taxes.

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