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Stay true to a higher goal than yourself

by MJ
(Selby, UK)

Hey guys/gals,

I've known of Luis for a few months now, I first connected with him when I were about to start the SBi eLearning course.

I've always found Luis' goals for his site very intriguing.
One of the many goals I have often had to succeed in was to find a way to get better education and develop professionally at minimum cost.

My main goal is to create a school for under privileged youths that teaches various types of personal development skills. The very lessons that took me years of searching, studying and overcoming to proceed towards my goal.

I found that when your goal is bigger than you and is operating on a higher level than your current being, the universe (some say God) will bring about the opportunities, people and places that are required to succeed. Although it takes passion and sincerity to get the results.

I wrote this when applying for a scholarship with the Youth Coaching Academy.

"For the past 10 years I have wanted to do something that can really make a difference in the part of the world which I reside, it is something that has burned deep inside of me for as long as I remember; a feeling that I have something to do of real purpose. Now I know that purpose, I know the BIG DREAM, but creating or manifesting that, well, it is one step at a time!

However, keep taking steady steps and a mile will soon have been walked!

Allow me to elaborate on a journey up to now and I hope you can see why I wish to be selected to receive this sponsorship, I know so many believe in what I have to offer, it took more work to make my self believe it on a deeper level, Im pleased to say that I know like I know like I KNOW now!"

Full post at

password is mjhistory

Within that article you can see how many times I have looked for help to acquire the knowledge required to proceed further towards my goals.

The information offered within this website is extremely valuable, regardless of where in the world you live. OK, it is USA specific, but the general application of these lessons is borderless and can be applied to anyone anywhere.

Job well done Luis!!!

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