The Top Ten Regionally Accredited Online Schools

1. Umass Online

1. Umass Online is part of the University of Massachusetts and it's the best all-around school because it offers 100 different degrees that hold the same value as the on campus degrees. They have a vast array of courses that you can choose from and they are constantly improving prices to stay competitive with other regionally accredited online schools.

2. Southern New Hampshire University

They are also one of the most competitive online schools and are now a tier one school according to U.S News and World Report. Their tuition prices are some of the lowest among online schools and about 90 percent of students get financial aid through the various federal programs that are available.

3. Liberty University Online

This school boasts about 50,000 online students and it's no surprise because they offer an amazing education with a total of 45 degrees that they offer. This school has constantly improved its tier rankings and was currently named a tier two school in 2011.

4. Western Governors University

This is one of the regionally accredited online schools that have flat rate tuition and it can be advantageous especially because of fluctuating prices. They are well known for have excellent education for adults.

5. Fort Hays State University

This school offers low tuition and more than 30 programs that you can take online. They also go above and beyond by offering tutoring services and help when it comes to your future academic progress.

6. American Military University

Overall they offer a very unique online experience. You have the option of taking course work at your own pace and the level of education is phenomenal. Some of their educators are graduates of Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Stanford and Cambridge.

7. Baker College Online

They offer 23 online programs and are still growing. They work closely with their students' to develop the best coursework plan that fits with their schedules. They also are very competitive with their tuition rates and have some of the best prices in the nation. That's why it's in the top regionally accredited online schools

8. Walden University

They offer over 50 degrees at various levels including bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees.

9. Ashford University

They offer over 40 programs that you can take. They also have a unique approach in the way they do online course work in that students are allowed to submit all of their work at any time they happen to finish.

10. Grand Canyon University

They have over 10,000 students and are known as one of the best online schools. Their business degree is relatively inexpensive when compared to the price of other schools. Students will not feel alone because the school is known to have small class sizes.

Keep in mind that these regionally accredited online schools are among the best but it's always good to do personal research because not all of the schools will be a good fit. I would recommend that you call and ask questions so that you can make an informed choice that will be in your best interest. But this list of accredited online schools is a good start. Leave a comment about your experiences with these schools so that other students can benefit.

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