How to Not Pay for College

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how to not pay for college


If you're looking for advice on how to not pay for college then you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that some ways do exist although there might be some restrictions and requirements. But understand that paying for college involves a more rounded plan.

There's no loop hole that will somehow get everything paid off but with the right plan you can pay off your college with little to no debt. The ideal situation is to not graduate owing so much money that it leaves you broke for the next 20 years. Here are a few tips that can possibly get your college completely paid for but like I said before a combination of this advice is ideal.

Faculty Tuition Discount

You can get a complete if not partial tuition discount if your parent or parents happen to work for a college or university. Some restrictions that may apply would be the number of semesters that are discounted and the maximum number of hours that can be discounted per semester. Tuition is the biggest part of the bill and you could be saving yourself from debt which on average is about $24,000 for a graduating student.

State Employee Tuition Programs

You can get a tuition fee waiver in your state if your parents work for a certain sector or sectors of your state government. For example, Tennessee offers a tuition discount program to the dependents (you) of state workers in the executive, judicial and legislative branches. Some restrictions do apply but it still helps with the cost of education.

Ivy Leagues Pay

You can make it into one of the Ivy League schools like MIT or Harvard who now offer a full ride scholarship to students whose families are considered low income. Because of these generous offers, many of the students graduate with no debt.

If none of this works, then you will have to start brainstorming the best colleges to attend based price and the quality of education. Take your time to shop around. Sometimes the ideal college is only one search away so continue to narrow down your choice and don't go to a college that will cost you a leg and an arm. It's not like the most successful people all went to college but you're taking your chances so be sure about your decision. That's my take on "how to not pay for college."

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