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When Taking the ACT test, Does Mindset Matter

In my opinion, mindset matters when it comes to taking the ACT test. I'm sure you've heard many times that much of what you do or accomplish starts in your brain and for the most part that's right, even when it comes to taking the ACT test . Having the right mindset not only affects how you see the test but also how you perform.

To make it as plain as possible, if you think you'll fail, then you probably will but if you determine that you will improve then most likely you will, that is if you develop the right schedule for your ACT. But that's a totally different part of this whole pie when it comes to prepping for the test.

Let's talk about the mindset part of this pie. At first doing well on the test may be a task you feel is almost impossible to do and that's understandable but not completely true. What if I told you that one day the problems you struggle with on your ACT test would be easy to do.

What if I told you that these problems would be as difficult as tying your shoelaces (I'm assuming this is something that comes easy to you)? What if you just imagined yourself getting that score that means the world to you?

Well, my advice is to do just that. Imagine how easy it will be one day and even imagine yourself in the future looking back and thinking "Why was that test hard again"?

That of course does not guarantee that you will get the desired score but I think it's one of the very first steps to getting on the right path to success. And believe it or not, this actually works when combined with a good study schedule and help from teachers or tutors.

If you truly want to do good keep all of this in mind and don't overwhelm your already anxious thoughts that it's impossible to improve your score. If you do, then you are damaging your ability to perform at your highest.

And if you're asking yourself how I know it works then ask no more because I've done exactly what I've told you to do here and it's worked to my advantage considering I improved 7 total points on my test.

But that's not the only thing I've tried it on since I graduated high school. I've done that with my toughest classes including biology. And while almost all of my class is failing, I have been sitting on a 100 average and it's all because I have the right mindset and actually do the work.

And honestly it's just part of who I am as a Christian that constantly tries to work with excellence. Tell me how you did in the facebook comments below and if your mindset had anything to do with your success on the ACT test.

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